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Hey guys! My name is Amarin. I’m an American blogger that has an affinity for the food of Southeast Asia, but particularly Thailand!

My parents grew up in the small province of Suphan Buri Thailand and migrated to the US in the late 70s. I was born in 1985 and have been going back to Thailand every summer since birth to visit family and friends. In California, where I grew up, my mother always had a flourishing garden full of fresh vegetables and fruits.

I took for granted that pandan leaves and boniato were not household names that graced dinner tables nationwide. Consider me fortunate to have been exposed at such a young age to the wonders of thai cooking.

I now work in New York City as a blogger writing about different subjects. Lime Leaf is just a hobby blog where I can spread my love of SE Asian cuisine and traditional foods. If you visit the Lower East Side hit me up and be sure to visit a some of my favorite restaurants in the Lower East Side.